Where it all Began....

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The Beginnings of Taylor Oborn. An exerpt from the Autobiography of Taylor Oborn entitled, "Taylor Oborn, who is he?"

Before I was born I was on a swim team. It wasn’t a national team and it certainly was no Olympic team. In fact instead of a ‘team’ I’d feel better about calling it a family, or a band of brothers if you will. Each of us on the team had very little time to grow and cultivate our skills, but my band of brothers and I definitely knew who had their strokes down the best. At the next meet we knew I’d win, and then nine months later I’d receive my prize…

If you look past the blood curdling screams of my poor mother in labor, and the frantic work of the medical staff, you would see that that particular May 4th was actually going to turn out to be quite a day. Right around noon on that day one of my heroes and best friends was born. It was me. I was born to Kirk and Sharlene Oborn, and though I might have looked very cute that day (and I still do today) they, as of yet, had no idea the consequence of their failed birth control on that fateful night of passion.

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  1. Gross

  2. You're a nerd

  3. hahaha OMG only you Tay.

  4. haaa. i love this. minus the part where you say "night of passion" in reference to our parents.

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